Looking for Paradise


for Paradise

Kind: A Neurological initiation treasure hunt (creation 2015)

Why is there something rather than nothing?

Is the universe really infinite?
Do we come from a lost garden, cabbages, apes or amoebas?

Since the dawn of humanity, man has kept inventing myths and stories shaping his beliefs and certainties to face the dizziness of his ignorance.Looking for Paradise was born In between the lines of this necessity  , in the art of mentally tinkering the void left by our unanswered questions.

In this treasure hunt conceived on the scale of a city, unexpected events transform the urban space into a theater stage, into hints and experiences to help the participants attain the Paradise mindset .

Looking for Paradise suggests us to step aside and explore the ways in which we perceive, change and construct our realities. Welcome ! to this vast questioning of our ways of existence, let's dive together in the most exciting mythologies of our history, "us".

Having fun with the big metaphysical questions to provide an ode to joy, Looking for Paradise frees the waves of our collective unconscious and suggests us to surf together to transform  the absurd quest that is life into a wonderful cruise forever.

Looking for Paradise is the first part of Paradise, a serie of devices, performances and shows questioning our relationship between the conscious and the unconscious.